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Practical e-book guides to construction sales and marketing, from chartered marketer and construction sales leads expert David Crick. Download today – free of charge – for more on how to take your business to the next level, with proven methods to expand your contacts, approach potential new customers and gain new tender enquiries.

Download The Really Useful Guide To Construction Sales ...
Download The Really Useful Guide To Construction Marketing ...


Want to improve your tendering? Looking for sales and marketing troubleshooting? Confused by sales leads providers? Dip into our archive of articles for a wealth of expertise on construction marketing, project planning leads, and sales techniques that deliver results.
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“The Really Useful Guide to Construction Marketing is certainly very informative and well put together. It contains valuable advice and some great insights into the ideal marketing campaign for construction companies.

I’m sure there are points in it that any construction company can learn from and put into place to enhance their marketing procedures.”

- Tom Rose. Partner, Cortec