A Really Useful Guide To Construction Leads

An introduction to all our articles on construction leads.

Barbour ABI or Glenigan? Planning Pipe or Builders Conference?

Which construction lead service is right for you?

Latest articles:

Don’t let your staff be an asset to your competitors

A contact recently told me how an arrogant young BDM at one of his competitors was driving clients his way - a sterling reminder that how we treat people matters.

Win-win or walk away - how to turn losses into wins

Don't just walk away from a lost tender. With a couple of extra steps, you can build your reputation and increase your chances for the next opportunity.

Four reasons why effective marketers work alongside the estimators

How the best marketers use the pricing and tender process to chase sales.

Not just for oranges - the four segments of London’s residential market

Targeting your sales to the right level in London’s distinctive construction landscape.

Taking it up a level - getting a chance at high-end jobs

How to get a foot in the door with higher profile architects and clients.

Featured articles:

Getting more from your sales leads

Let’s look at how to squeeze a bit more out of sales leads.

Building for the long term

What happens when the next job is finished, where is the work coming from? How to build strategically for future growth.

Should I employ a full-time Business Development Manager?

The decision to employ a Business Development Manager is a big step for any organisation. We look at the pros and cons. 

Strategy - how to grow your business:

How to use sales to improve tendering

Key ways to improve your win ratio.

How to go nuclear on subcontractor sales

A tailored approach to maximise sub-contractor success.

The tension at the heart of a new sales strategy

Exploring the tension between long-term view and the need for a quick win.

The art of the quick win

Making a fast start in sales can make all the difference.

The difference between sales and marketing

The terms are often used interchangeably, so what is the difference and why does it matter?

Working out your strengths

Selling your business means knowing, and being confident in, what you are really good at.

15 ways to stand out

Construction is a crowded market, and your clients have plenty of choice about who they work with.

Skills - becoming a better sales person:

The importance of courtesy

The hard-sell telesales cliché is completely wrong.

The many uses of market intelligence

Information is everywhere, but how do you use it properly to give yourself a competitive edge?

Helping your clients succeed

The right approach – are you selling something, or looking for ways to help your client succeed?

The art of the debrief

Does the job really end at completion? If you want to build relationships, do a proper debrief.

How to craft a letter to a domestic client

Getting the approach and language right.

The marketer’s most powerful tool

Website? Brochure? Branding? – No, the humble phone.

Thou shalt not neglect thy follow up calls

Everyone knows they should, but very few do. Proper follow up gives you a vital edge in the market.

Your marketing toolbox

6 important tools that you must have before embarking on a proactive marketing strategy.

Develop your listening skills

The importance of really listening to your clients and how to get better at it.

The four keys to a successful presentation

First impressions are so important, and you only get one chance to make them.

Solutions - troubleshooting and problem solving:

How to get through to the right people

Anyone can call, being good at it is another matter.

Avoiding the spiral

Don’t get caught with a sales focus that is too narrow.

Submission or approval - when should you make your sales approach?

Submission or approval - when to make your approach?

Architect or client - who you gonna call?

It’s not always clear who you should be contacting. Do you call the architect, or the client?

A day in the life of a sales hunter

What is it like to have an experienced CMS sales hunter working in your office?

The Rule of Seven

How long does it take to get from first contact to a decision?

A beginner’s guide to damage limitation

If you handle a mistake well, and put it right honestly, it can actually help to build your reputation.

But I don’t do marketing

You might not consider yourself a marketer – but you are.

Meet the expert:

An introduction to ConstructUK

The online resource centre for construction sales and marketing.

An interview with Paul Graham of Planning Pipe

An interview with Paul Graham of Planning Pipe

“We have successfully worked with CMS for several years now. Their proactive approach is very useful and has given us a new and better way to approach potential clients.

Through CMS we were able to extend our clients base and form a strong network of consultants around our practice.”

- Edmund Williams Architects