The Rule Of Seven

One of the most basic principles of good construction marketing is persistence – get in touch, follow up, call back, and keep pressing until you get through to the right people.

You’ll never build a network of business partners and returning customers by sending out ‘one-hit’ marketing materials. You might occasionally hit the proverbial jackpot, where someone comes across your services and you just happen to be exactly what they’re looking for. Generally speaking, you’ll need to be in touch repeatedly.

The rule of seven is often repeated in marketing circles. There’s nothing magic about the number seven, but research shows that larger sales take an average of seven contacts of one kind or another. You might get lucky on your second or third call, but it can sometimes take ten or more.

So take the long view. Introduce yourself on an initial call, then send an email. Book in a follow up call and keep communication lines open. Send marketing material by post, phone again to see if they received it. Find out more information. Send case studies. Arrange a personal meeting.

Effective sales is a matter of patience and persistence. Getting from initial cold call to first contract may take months. Needless to say, other companies and other sales agents will drop out. Hang in there. The contractor who stays the course is the most likely to secure a tender.

That may sound daunting, but it’s our business. We have years of experience building up these sorts of relationships, and we can do it for you. Give us a call if you’d like to find out more about our services.

David Crick

We provide experienced, senior-level Business Development Managers to construction companies, typically main contractors, for 2-4 days a month.

Your BDM will: 1) identify the most promising construction leads, 2) build relationships with the right people and get you invitations to tender and 3) follow-up your submissions to maximise your chances of winning.

We can make your business grow.
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