The Really Useful Guide To Construction Marketing

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You can read it as part of your CPD with the CIOB, and you can read more construction marketing articles here.

“The Really Useful Guide to Construction Marketing is certainly very informative and well put together. It contains valuable advice and some great insights into the ideal marketing campaign for construction companies.

I’m sure there are points in it that any construction company can learn from and put into place to enhance their marketing procedures.”

- Tom Rose. Partner, Cortec


“Welcome to the Really Useful Guide to Construction Marketing. In this guide I will be sharing highly practical lessons learned in the challenging but rewarding world of construction marketing.

You can expect down to earth advice on how to improve your sales, win the work you want and build your business. If you already consider yourself a seasoned marketer in the construction industry, I hope you’ll still pick up some helpful hints and tips to develop your skills.

If you don’t consider yourself a marketer, I hope to change your mind! As you will see, marketing is not just about glossy brochures and advertising. It’s about strategic thinking, highly targeted sales, and building long term relationships that will bring you a continuing stream of tenders and profitable contracts.

I’m aiming this guide at small to medium size contractors and subcontractors, which is the area where I have the most experience. It’s also where I enjoy working the most, because you can make a big difference for a client in a short amount of time. Six to nine months active marketing can turn a company around, or see a step change in its fortunes.

Seeing that kind of change is very rewarding as a marketer, and I enjoy what I do. I’m good at it too, and I wouldn’t presume to write this guide otherwise. (Modesty isn’t something you find much in my line of work!) I’ve been in construction marketing for over 30 years, and much of my working week is spent in the offices of various clients, helping them build for the future. Irecently calculated that one of my clients was getting a 1,000% return on what they paid me to do!

If you’d like that kind of support for your business, I’m always glad to talk to new clients about what my company can do for you. As we shall soon explore, helping people succeed is what good marketers do.